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In case you missed it, below are some great links about varies legal topics. We hope this helps you find answers to things you wanted to know about or things you did not know, you needed to know. 

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With the holidays approaching, you should know the risks of driving while intoxicated       

Penalities of a DUI in New Jersey

Facebook post from 11/30/2016                             


How marijuana charges can legally effect everything                          

Legalizing Marijuana and the legal facts for New Jersey residents


Driving while intoxicated                                                                             

The "short" on DUI charges


Change in the Law about Auto Insurance Documation                                

New bill signed by Govenor Christie on 5/7/2015 allowing auto insurance cards to be stored electronically


DMCA laws about copyrighting

Places link facebook, pinerest, instagram etc. Are protected under DMCA. May people think photoshopping sides DMCA laws


Auto accidents and the importants of having an attorney involved              

Why you should speak with an attorney before speaking to the auto insurance


Car Insurance - 5 things to know                                                                         

What should be in your policy to protect you after an accident takes place


The police report, what to expect after any auto accident                                         

What should be in a police report after an accident


What does "at will" employment really mean in New Jersey             

How does being an "at will" employee affect you


Working moms and things you know                                                                            

There are some legal protections put in place to protect working mother's